Health and Safety Inspection

It’s that time of year again, when we’re obliged to let the inspectors in and review the premises to ensure the health and safety of our punters and staff.

It’s not a glamorous job but the guys at Bryan & Armstrong really know there stuff and they’ve provided a couple of top quality inspectors to ensure the pub, music hall , toilets and the building’s structure are rock solid. Continue reading

The Perfect Musical Gift for Christmas

Finding the right gift for friends and family at Christmas time can be difficult. What do you buy the person who has everything? Let’s face it, most people, when they need something, they simply buy it.

So it’s always with great delight when I find a gift that I know they won’t already have. While I was browsing giftprezzy I came across this amp mug which I thought was perfect for any music lover.


I love how they say it’s “suitable for all musical preferences” lol

I wonder if it goes up to 11?

The Victoria

The Vic is one of the hottest and best established venues in Swindon. Known not only for it’s eclectic range of music but also for it’s great atmosphere and community vibe.

The layout of The Vic is one of the reasons it’s such a great venue. The stage is in the basement downstairs enabling the band to turn it up to 11 without complaint from the neighbors or the people at the bar.



The Victoria
88 Victoria Road
01793 535713

The Rolleston

The Rolleston is one of Swindon’s most popular music venues but it’s future has been in doubt over the years proving that even the bets venues couldn’t hide from the recession.

The type of music popular at the Rolleston is classic rock and metal.

The one downside of going to see a band at The Rolleston is the sound is often too loud. Mostly due to the distance the band is from the bar (not much) and the myth that simply louder is better. I often stand outside with the smokers to better enjoy the music and have some banter.

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